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Aka hunter-gatherers Pygmies

Selected Press:

IFLScience, 7/12/23: Hunter-Gatherer children get way more exercise than UK and US Kids.

npr, 1/12/23: Bringing up a baby can be a tough and lonely job. Here's a solution: alloparents.

DER SPIEGEL, 26/11/23: What we can learn from hunter-gatherers about raising children.

IFLScience, 21/11/23: Two parents may not be enough, study into hunter-gatherer communities suggests.

CNN, 17/11/23: What an isolated community in Africa may be able to teach us about childcare.

Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 8/3/23: Hunter-gatherer childhoods may offer clues to improving education and wellbeing in developed countries, Cambridge study argues.

BBC News, 22/11/21: Stressed by parenting? Evolution can explain why.

Scientific American, 21/10/2019: What do machine learning and hunter-gatherer children have in common?

The Conversation, 29/08/19: Modern hunter-gatherer children could tell us how human culture evolved and inspire new ways of teaching

The New York Times, 20/12/17: Why Holiday Stories Matter

The Evolution Institute, 6/12/17: Solving Friction With Fiction

Time Magazine, 5/12/17: How Telling Stories Makes Us Human

IFLScience, 5/12/17: Good Storytellers Make For Strong Societies

The Conversation, 5/12/17: Why do we tell stories? Hunter-gathers shed light on the evolutionary roots on fiction

The Atlantic, 5/12/17: The Desirability of Storytellers

PNAS journal club, 10/10/16: How social structure might drive the evolution of cumulative culture.

IFLScience, 21/7/16: Hunter-Gatherer Socities Have Three-Tiered Social Networks

​Richard Dawkins Foundation, 22/5/15: Unique social structure of hunter-gatherers explained

The Conversation, 18/5/15: Why our ancestors were more gender equal than us

Science,14/5/15: Did sex equality fuel the evolution of human cooperation?

IFL Science,17/5/15: Early humans had gender equal societies.



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